Dr James Udy has been providing Expert Scientific Advice to environmental managers for 20 years. 

Dr Udy has lead research programs at both Griffith University and The University of Queensland and is currently an adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology. He has extensive experience in the research behind waterway management as well as the practical application of this knowledge to environmental monitoring and management.

His expertise in Brief:

●20+ years assisting government, water utilities, and industry by providing expert advice on waterway management.

●10+ years researching waterway processes at Griffith University and The University of Queensland, including leading 2 research groups (Marine Botany in Centre for Marine Science, Ecosystem Processes in Environmental Engineering).

●4 years as the manager of research and development with Seqwater, supplier of drinking water for 3 million people.

●5 yrs as Chief Scientist for Healthy Waterways coordinating the provision of expert advice from the fields of marine science, social science, and economics.

●Strong track record of delivering innovative waterways monitoring programs, including the quantification of social and economic benefits and incorporation of citizen science.