SUSA training activities enhance and accelerate learning about marine ecosystems through immersion experiences for people of all ages, backgrounds, and capabilities. Our experiential learning opportunities focus on the wonders of Australia's marine resources with past participants ranging in age from 7 to 89.

● Director has over 20 years experience delivering marine science education.

● Programs include contributions from 3 universities as well as professionals and senior managers involved in marine management.

● Ability to develop custom programs to suit specific needs, including staff learning and development, environmental education and team building.  

We collaborate with Earthwatch and Healthy Waterways to deliver three expeditions each year, that contribute data to the Healthy Waterways Report Card:

  1. Student Challenge - for 16 to 18 y.o. in their senior 2 years of high school.
  2. Sailing for Seagrass - open to the general public, based at Tangaloom Wild Dophin Resort, Moreton Island
  3. TeachLive - an initiative continuing education opportunity for teachers - funded by the Victorian Department of Education and the Victorian Georgraphy Teachers association.
  4. Put Your degree into Action - for University Students 

Dr James Udy has also developed and run experienced based field learning for tertiary students through The University of Queensland (2002-2008).

Contact SUSA to discuss your specific needs from a memorable team building experience to tertiary education.  

experiential learning opportunities focused on the wonders of Australia's marine resources